WordPress Jssor Slider

Easy to use WordPress Responsive Slider plugin.

Creating slideshows with WordPress Jssor Slider is fast and easy. Simply uopload images from the admin or drag and drop them into place, set slide captions, links and description fields all from one page, use the provided shortcode or template include to easily embed slideshows in your blog.

Plugin Features
* Simple, easy to use interface – perfect for individual users.
* Create Responsive slideshows in seconds
* Unrestricted support for Image slides (supports caption, link, description text)
* Full width slideshow support
* Drag and drop slide reordering
* Admin preview
* Fast – only the minimum JavaScript/CSS is included on your page
* Touch + drag navigation
* 390+ caption effects/transitions
* 360+ slideshow effects/transitions
* 18+ arrow skins
* 16+ bullet skins
* Auto detect vertical/horizontal drag
* Mutiple sliders in one page
* Cross browser support

1. Download the zip file of the plugin and extract the content.
2. Upload the complete `jssor-slider folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory.
3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
4. Go to to litebox settings page and upload some images set options which should be used.
5. That’s it! You’re done. Now you can place your shortcodes to your post/pages or your theme files.

Browser Compatibility
* IE6+
* Chrome 3+
* Firefox 2+
* Safari 3.1+
* Opera 10+
* Mobile browsers( iOS, Android, Windows, Windows Surface and Mac are all supported)

Jquery Jssor Slider

For bug fix or additional features, please use the comment form below.

57 thoughts on “WordPress Jssor Slider

  1. Hey,

    How to download the plugin, no download option available?


  2. Hey! Can you share the link of the plugin? Can’t see it, thanks!

  3. This plugin is hosted currently on github, I have sent to request to also host it on wordpress, to make it easy for users to download . Once the requested is approved, users can get their own copy of the files there.

    Thank You.

  4. I am putting a URL in the area designated for a URL when setting up a slide, however when live on the site the slides are not clickable. Any fix for this?

    • Hey Justin,
      The URL area are working, I have set some URL’s to the above slide to confirm. Also make sure you prefix the protocol before the link,or else it will generate a wrong link.

      Thank You.

  5. Hey, thanks for the details.

    Actually the jssor slider is very impressive, but can i add thumbnail navigator to it? If yes please can you explain how to do that using wordpress dashboard?
    P.S. I have no knowledge as coding as such

    Thank You

    • Hey Sarang,

      As of now the plugin does not have thumbnail navigator,but we are considering adding support for it in future updates of the plugin. Do check for this feature in upcoming releases.

      Thank You.

  6. Hi
    I am using this wordpress.the problem is persisting that the caption ,description and url none of those work.it just showing the image .when i am adding the all above things its saves but nothing show in front end .
    can u plz help with this?

    • Try out the plugin with wordpress default theme and other plugins disable
      and report your results..

  7. hello,
    can’t get the slider to work on asus tab.
    the page always reload when try to upload images

    please fix,

  8. Hi

    This is great.. Good work. Any chance of putting the css in a file rather than inline though. I’m using it full screen and there are unwanted margins.

    I can fix it for now but it’ll be overwritten on the next update.

    • @Legin76

      Thanks for your suggestion,the original codes for the slider came with those inline css, I will try to put the css in a file as you said in upcoming updates. If you don’t margin, show me a sample of the unwanted margins..


      • Hi

        Thanks for your reply.

        There were two lines that I had to remove margin: 10px on two of the outer divs in slide_show.php. I’m afraid I didn’t keep a note which they were.

        I don’t know why they decided to use inline styles when they made jssor although it does say “You can move inline styles to css file or css block.” in all the examples.

        It would also be nice if I could set 100% as a width as it seems to use the width still even if it’s set to responsive.

        I’m going to be keeping a keen eye on this plugin. I think it’s going to be one of the best.

  9. Hi again

    Is there a way to stop or reduce the image compression. Its bluring already optimised images a little to much.


      • Well the images after upload are actually a slightly larger size and appear to be lower quality. In the end I overwrote them using ftp. If there is some kind of compression on the upload it would be nice if I could set the level or even turn it off completly.

        • The images are not compressed on upload,you can check the upload.php file,but the slider resize the image using
          css width and height property based on the slider width and height settings,so it’s recommended to set the slider dimension to the width and height of the images.

      • The aspect ratio of the images seems not to be respected. Is there a possibility to avoid this ?


        • @frucot

          As of now there is no option to respect the aspect ratio of the images,You have to set the slider width and height to match the dimension of the image. This feature will be included on the next update.

          Thank You.

          • Thanks for reply. But as all my images don’t have the same size… I’ll wait for next update…


  10. All is great about this plugin except URL link to images (to linke to certain post) is not working.
    cheers! 🙂

    • @ Azhar Khan

      Make sure you include the protocol( https:// or http:// ) in the link…

  11. I was testing this for a new WordPress site, cos the slider looks great on you http://www.jssor.com/demos site, but I just get this message in the place the slider should be?

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[‘ in /var/sites/m/memboso.co.uk/public_html/memboso/wp-content/plugins/jssor-slider/front_views/slide_show.php on line 44

    Any idea how to fix this?

  12. Hi.

    Great plugin! Is it possible to make a link without using the description field? Linking by clicking image?
    Also is it possible to have the url open in the same window? Seems to be set target=”_blank” as default.

    • @rebelian

      I am sorry the link only uses the description text to allow the slider to swipe properly on mobile devices.
      For the target attribute currently there is no hook to alter the value of the attribute,but if you desperately
      need both features, do let me know for assistance.

      Thank You.

    • This could be a quick fix!

      Inside the wp-content\plugins\slide-show.php file, loacate the line:

      <a target="_blank" href="url ) ) ); ?>”>description ) ) ); ?>

      change: “_blank” to: “_self”

  13. Really great plug-in! I’m considering to use jssor even outside WP.
    Yet I wonder how to format the slide captions. I mean: the caption previews show captions written in white on a light brown/red translucent background. So they are clear on every photo. How to get it? My captions are white on transparent background and they are not readable where the photo colors in the underneath area are white or not enough dark.

    Thank you in advance.

    • @Alessandro

      You can use css to add a background color to the caption, if you need assistance, do let me know.

      Thank You..

  14. This is a great plugin. I seem to have run into a problem that i imagine is pretty simple to solve but for the life of me i cant seem to get around it. After migrating to live server, making sure to replace all localhost references, the plugin does not seem to work. Every page that includes a sortcode displays empty. As soon as the sortcode is removed, everything is fine. Tried uninstalling the plugin, installing again and making a new slider. Still the same. Ideas?

    • Upon a closer examination, It was an outdated PHP version. I got so stumped because it would block the rest of the content getting displayed.

  15. I’m having trouble uploading images. I’m running php 5.4 on IIS 8 with MySQL 5.5. I can upload via the plugin admin and receive no error message but no thumbnail is generated and the front end display is a broken image. I also can only find “.part” files in the jssor upload directory on the server. Any ideas?


    • Sean,
      On the folder jssor-slider/jssor-uploads can you find the uploaded images?.

      • @barth,

        No i can’t find full image files, only “.part” files that are 0kb. It’s trying to upload the images but doesn’t seem to complete. Yet i get no error message in the admin during upload.

        • @sean,

          The error messages are there,but they are in json format,if the check the upload.php script,without encountering any errors, the function fopen() opens the (.part) file and $_FILES[“file”][“tmp_name”],then writes the content of this–($_FILES[“file”][“tmp_name”]) into this–(.part)file and this– (.part) renamed removing the .part from the file. All these will happen without any errors,the issue should be server related, try the plugin on your local development instead of live, and report your results.

          • @barth,

            I took a look at the json response and found this: {“jsonrpc” : “2.0”, “error” : {“code”: 101, “message”: “Failed to open input stream.”}, “id” : “id”}

            Any ideas on what could be causing the error here? Seems like it can’t read the input/uploaded files.

  16. Hi..
    Thanks for separating the CSS from the template. That has made my life a little easier. Can the css file be added to the header though? That way there is less chance of it over riding any customisations to the css in my files I make for it.

    Could you please add the ability to link the entire slide. See

    I’ve updated jssor-slider/front_views/slide_show.php with the code below. It works fine on mobile devices, they can tell the difference between a click and a swipe. I’ve also removed the target so they open in the same window, although an option for the target would help some.

    url ) : ?>
    <a href="url ) ) ); ?>”>

    <img u="image" src="thumbnail_url); ?>” />
    url ) : ?>

    Adding the above or something similar would not only help me but sort out many of the queries above.

    I’m wondering if in future there will be the ability to select a list of transitions that can be applied globally rather than applying them to individual slides?

    It’s coming on really nicely. Thanks.

    • It’s stripped out the code from above but I’m sure you get the gist, but the code below may be clearer. It just needs the open and close adding.

      php if ( $slides[$flag]->url ) :
      <a href="url ) ) ); ?>”>
      php endif;
      <img u="image" src="thumbnail_url); ?>” />
      php if ( $slides[$flag]->url ) :

      php endif;

  17. Thanks, this works great! Is there a way to get it out of my WordPress template? So I JUST show the slideshow? Not my logo, etc?

    • Stephanie,

      Why are the codes for the slider enclosed in pre tags,


      how did you insert the shortcode in the template?.Please use this to properly insert the shortcode in your template file.

       <?php echo do_shortcode("[jssorslider id=1764]"); ?>
      • So it’s not form you? I just made a slider.php template file, that I want to apply to all my posts with slideshows in them.
        And in the post I just posted:
        [jssorslider id=1]

        So I gotta figure out where the is from then…

        • I fixed it! Thank you so much for even answering my question! 🙂

  18. Hello there,
    Can I please know which option do I have to edit and change to achieve the full-width version of the slider Barth. I have tried overriding the css using !important on my style.css but I just can’t figure out how to achieve the full-width. Please help me out.

  19. When logged in as Admin: HAVE SLIDESHOW & DIV properly
    When LOGGED OUT (as a typical visitor) no slideshow (or div)….. using ‘is_page()’ IF statement… any ideas?

    it’s as if there’s an admin function happening that resets to default width/height ??? What’s happening here, please advise.

  20. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[‘ in /home/bairns/public_html/wp-content/plugins/jssor-slider/front_views/slide_show.php on line 46

  21. Hi, i want to use your slide on our wp project. but we are fetch some errors. can you fix it?

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[‘ in D:\xampp\htdocs\wp\flatshop\wp-content\plugins\jssor-slider\front_views\slide_show.php on line 46

    • Please upgrade to php 5.4 or higher to fix the error..

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